Wonderful Lodgers

a great service for landlords and landladies in central London

Do you deserve a quality lodger?

Wonderful Lodgers

a great service for landlords and landladies in central London

Do you deserve a quality lodger?

Welcome to Wonderful Lodgers

We are not a letting agency and we do not operate like letting agents or work with them. We are a cross-cultural advisory service. What does that mean?

Well, the culture of Japan and the culture of London are radically different. In Japan, good manners are the standard by which you are socially judged. Responsibility towards your neighbours and polite behaviour are the standard requirements of society. In matters of money, not to be timely or reliable reflects badly on you and also on your family. Being clean, tidy and especially hygienic in all matters of life is nothing less than common sense. Japanese people do not generally entertain at home, they do not do parties, they meet their friends in cafes or go out socially with each other. If they bring a friend home it is occasional and to drink tea and chat.

As for the culture of London, everyone has their own ideas about what that means.

If we add to these cultural differences, the differences in language and behaviour, then the ability for a potential lodger and a landlady or landlord to create misunderstandings is actually quite large.

The work of Wonderful Lodgers is to facilitate communication and understanding on both sides and to maintain that understanding to produce harmony within the life of the lodging agreement.

Wonderful Lodgers has been providing harmonious relationships between Japanese lodgers and London landladies and landlords since 2007. Many of our landladies and landlords have been with us since the day of their first lodger arriving and have stated they would never go anywhere else.

Below are just a sample of testimonials received by us.

I have had 4 great lodgers, no problems. What more can I say.
PF - Euston

I didn’t want to have people in my house who could be a problem. I have children and I don’t want my home spoiled in any way. I spoke with Wonderful Lodgers and I thought I was dealing with people I could trust. I have been with them for 4 years now and have had one small problem. Straight away I talked with them and they sorted it out within a couple of hours. It was just a misunderstanding but they sorted it out.
RFL - Dulwich

I didn’t want any problems, I just wanted extra income with no hassle. Wonderful Lodgers looked after me until I had a lodger and then where there whenever I needed them. They still are.
LP - Holloway

Wonderful Lodgers give me a service I don’t think anyone else could provide. I recommend them.
DC - Willesden

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