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Are you a Landlord suitable for Japanese lodgers?



Then who are the landlords we are ideally looking for?

1. You will have a clean property in TFL Zone 1 or 2. Maybe Zone 3 but only at a push.

2. Ideally, you will be near to a tube station and by close we mean not more, precisely not more, than 8 minutes walk. Good, close bus services can be attractive but tube station is most popular. Overground rail is the least popular transport for Japanese people.

3. You will be a landlord who will be flexible with the rent rather than look for the highest possible market rent. Our landlords understand that Japanese lodgers are here on fixed budgets and the exchange rate between the Japanese yen and the pound is not favourable for them. Our landlords, therefore, pitch their rent to this niche market when they could get more on the open market. What they do is buy peace of mind and some sense of security for a good reliable rent rather than go for top dollar and take the risks.

4. If you are a landlord who just wants to take rent and do little if actually anything for the lodger when things go wrong then you are not for us.

5. We do not deal with agents under any circumstances.


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